Open Access Users Association (OAUA)

Open Access Users Association (OAUA)

OAUA is one of the most active chapters of the Power Sector in India. In its fold, it has a large membership of corporates, Chambers of Commerce, Trade & Industry Associations, Consultancy Organisations. etc.

In line with its objectives of promoting liberalisation in the country, OAUA has been playing a crucial role of interacting with Government on Economic Policies.

OAUA has been formed under Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 on 4th August 2012.

The main objective of the OAUA is to safeguard the interests of the open access consumers all over India.

OAUA is a forum of Open Access (O.A) users which aims to create a responsible forum to highlight consumer awareness on various types of O.A charges levied by different States and their implications. OAUA also aims at adhering to safety, security & commercial issues to all Open Access consumers in the Power Market. We also aim to highlight technical requirements/parameters which are insisted upon by the State Transmission & Distribution companies which may not be required.

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How OAUA Works

National committees and groups

The national committees and groups make sure that OAUA takes account of their national business concerns in its policy recommendations to governments. President and Executive Board.

The members elect the Office Bearers for two-year terms. The members also elect the Executive Board, responsible for implementing OAUA policy. The Executive Board has between 15 and 30 members.


The Secretary works closely with the national committees to carry out OAUA's work programme. The Secretary is appointed on the recommendation of the Executive Board.

Working Group

Member companies and business associations can shape the OAUA stance on any given business issue by participating in the Working Groups. They scrutinize initiatives affecting their subject areas and prepare business positions for submission to governments.

OAUA Actions

OAUA takes up issues that are of priority importance to its members.

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